1-DOF Copter

1-DOF Copter

Flight simulation control unit for teaching and research.

ACROME 1 DOF Copter is a perfect introductory plant for learning fundamentals of flight dynamics and control.


1 DOF Copter has been designed to simplifying the intelligent control strategy of flight systems. With the motor compatible electronic speed controller and high-resolution encoder 1 DOF Copter enables the student to experience the main concepts of quadcopters, rockets, hovercrafts, and underwater vehicles. Ready to use courseware enables the student to understand the main topics of control engineering such as system modeling, linearization, linear control system design and frequency response analysis. The fully open-source software gives the freedom to students and researchers to modify the algorithm or design their own structure.

1-DOF Copter overview


  • Solid body for precise motion and measurement
  • High resolution incremental encoder for angle measurement of rotor arm
  • Motor compatible electronic speed controller
  • Assembled and ready to control plant with the integrated power unit
  • Easy-connect cables and connectors
  • Implementation of advanced digital control techniques.
  • Fully compatible with MATLAB®/Simulink® and LabVIEW™
  • Fully documented system models and parameters provided for MATLAB®/Simulink®, LabVIEW™
  • Enables students to create their own real-time algorithms.
  • Open architecture with extensive courseware, suitable for undergraduate courses for engineering disciplines related to control systems


  • Components of 1-DOF Copter
    • DC motor
    • Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)
    • Encoder
    • Power Supply Box
    • Mechanics of the System
  • Fundamentals of PWM
    • PWM Signaling Theory
    • Generating PWM Signals with NI myRIO
    • Observing PWM Signals
    • Open-loop Speed Control of Motor via ESC
  • Feedback in Control Systems
    • Gathering Angle Data from Encoder
    • Basics of Filtering
  • System Modeling
    • Nonlinear Equation of Motion and Linearization
    • Obtaining DC Motor Speed Model
    • Modeling of 1-DOF Helicopter
  • Performance Measures
    • Time Domain Characteristics
    • Steady State Response and Steady State Error
  • Control System Design
    • Transient Response of the System
    • Design of the Linear Controllers
  • Control System Verification
    • Frequency Domain Characteristics
    • Obtaining Experimental Bode Diagrams
1-DOF Copter spesifications

Calibrationed base dim.

Helicopter body length

Propeller chamber diameter 

Propeller chamber height

Encoder lines per revolution

Motor Current

Motor No Load Current

Electronic Speed Cont. (ESC)

500 x 250 mm

541 mm

200 mm

32 mm

1024 Lines (TTL)

3,5 A - 7A (max efficiency)

0,5A – 7V

0 - 10A



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