stewart platform

6-DoF sophisticated motion system for robotics and controls
ACROME Stewart Platform is a parallel robotic system with custom size options, could be used for advanced robotics concepts in academia and various applications in industry.
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Stewart Platform can offer realistic simulations at six-axis owing to the high sensitivity of linear actuators, gyroscope, and a three-axis accelerometer. With the accessible and user-friendly components, it is suitable to simulate real systems such as flight simulators, machine tool technology, crane technology, mechanical bulls, precision platform positioning such as telescopes, antennas, and orthopedic surgery. Every unit of the Stewart platform is controllable independently with the modifiable open-source software and users can understand the effects of different controller types on the system. With the extensive courseware, users have the opportunity to learn essential aspects of robotics and easily cover controller design concepts.
Starting From
Stewart platform
Ready to use GUI
API for external programming
Customization options available
Professional Photography
Medical Applications
Wearable Items
Quality Assurance
Engineering Research Applications
Positioners' Algorithm Research
35+ kgs (80+ lbs)
Workspace Options
Between 50 mm - 250 mm. in Z axis
50 mm to 150 mm. In X&Y axis
>= 20° in roll, pitch , yaw
Position Repeatability
<= 50 um
Angular Repeatability
<= 0.5°
10 mm/sec in cartesian space
Physical Size
300 mm. to 450 mm. in height(based on workspace option)
>= 300 X & Y (based on customplatform plate diameters)
Weights > 15kgs.
Software Options
Ready to use GUI
API Interface (Python, Matlab)
LabVIEW Interface
ROS Interface
* Customization Options: Moving Platform size and mounting options. Stroke size options, physical size and geometry options ,user interface and automation option.
*: Prices may change without any notice.
**: Price is applicable within US and EU.
For International orders please contact us below.


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