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Accessible Hexapod Simulator

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We are creating systems with high-quality educational content for innovators, scientists, and engineers of the future.
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Using Smart Motor Drivers and Sensors

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We are creating systems with high-quality educational content for innovators, scientists, and engineers of the future.


I would like to express my gratitude for your efforts to support the 3-DOF Robotics Platform. With the dedication of your entire work team, we have acquired the necessary hardware and software for our training and research programs, which mean a lot to our department, especially to our students who will benefit from it. We really appreciate your help.

Şeref Naci ENGİN
Şeref Naci ENGİN
Chair of Controls Engineering Department
Yildiz Technical University / Istanbul

We have reviewed and implemented your training materials. These materials led me to 35 years back to my studies of Rational Mechanics and Lagrange Equations at Turin Polytechnic. Back then, things could only have been simulated with applications on paper and limited to the C language, now thanks to Acrome solutions, the students are provided with the chance to apply the theory in real-time and get a better grasp of the subject.

Docente Elettronica
IIS Quintino Sella / Torino

I am a PhD candidate at TelSiP Research Lab, University of West Attica. I completed my Integrated Master's in Electrical & Computer Engineering. My master's thesis was on "Modelling & Control of the Ball and Beam System: Design and Implementation of Linear and Adaptive Controllers". One of the most exciting parts was implementing my designs on ACROME Robotics' Ball and Beam system. This platform is perfect for students to study advanced control and modeling topics with real-time implementation. ACROME provides all necessary documentation and tools. I recommend ACROME's products to students eager to explore control engineering and experience theory in practice.

Electrical & Computer Engineer, MS.c., PhD Candidate
University of West Attica

The Stewart platform was incredibly helpful as a motion platform to replicate ship-deck motion. Acrome acted swiftly on our order and delivered the platform to us in 3 weeks, which was important because of the paper deadline. This is greatly appreciated. The platform was helpful in characterizing the tracking behavior of our quadrotor, and then finally to study the tracking of stochastic ship-deck motion at a small scale. Without it, the paper was impossible and our project would have taken much longer to complete. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a small 6-DOF motion platform.

Abhishek Shastry
Department of Aerospace Engineering
University of Maryland

For our test and sensor calibration application it was important to have a tool, easy to very precisely go into different poses in the 6 dimensions (x,y,z, roll, pitch, yaw) and be able to know in which pose the drone is located. With ACROME's Stewart Platforms; the calibration parameters of each Drone's sensor are calculated easily.

Sofia Zbinden
Controls Systems Engineer
Fotokite A.G.

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Acrome was founded in 2013. Our name stands for ACcessible RObotics MEchatronics. Acrome is a worldwide provider of robotic experience with software & hardware for academia, research and industry.


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