Stewart Platform

Stewart Platform

6-DoF sophisticated motion system for robotics and controls
ACROME Stewart Platform is a parallel robotic system, could be used for advanced robotics concepts in academia and various applications in industry. It has a default configuration for payload, size and user software.


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Stewart Platform can offer realistic simulations at six-axis owing to the high sensitivity of linear actuators, gyroscope, and a three-axis accelerometer. With the accessible and user-friendly components, it is suitable to simulate real systems such as flight simulators, machine tool technology, crane technology, mechanical bulls, precision platform positioning such as telescopes, antennas, and orthopedic surgery. Every unit of the Stewart platform is controllable independently with the modifiable open-source software and users can understand the effects of different controller types on the system. With the extensive courseware, users have the opportunity to learn essential aspects of robotics and easily cover controller design concepts.


LabVIEW, Real-Time (optional), FPGA (optional)
Altair Activate
Executable & GUI
LabVIEW, Real-Time, FPGA (optional)
Python and OpenCV
API for External Control (Examples for LV, Matlab, Python)
C with STM32 software
API for External Control (Examples for LV, Matlab, Python)
* Different controllers may require


USB (PC based)
Raspberry Pi + Shield
Arduino Mega + Shield


Professional Photography
Medical Applications
Wearable Items
Quality Assurance
Engineering Research Applications
Positioners' Algorithm Research
Stewart Platform
Starting From
Stewart platform
Ready to use GUI
API for external programming
Customization options available


4" Version
Customizations Options
12 kgs (26,5 lbs)
Up to 150 kgs (331 lbs)
Workspace Options
X and Y Axis +/-60 mm
Z Axis +/-50 mm
Roll, Pitch, Yaw +/- 20°  
Up to +/-300 mm
Up to +/-150 mm
Up to +/- 45°  
Position Repeatability
+/- 100 µm
Down to +/- 25 µm
Angular Sensivity
Down to 0.1°
Max. Linear Speed
40 mm/sec.
Up to 80 mm/sec.
Height (min-max)
406-506 mm
330-920 mm
Platform Diameter
320 mm
250-1000+ mm
Base Diameter
450 mm
450-1000+ mm
14 kgs (31 lbs)
Based on custom options


Ready to use product with integrated power unit, controller and software

Ready-to- and easy-to-use Graphical User Interface software for quick start

Built-in API for custom software development and test automation

Compatible with MATLAB®/Simulink®, LabVIEW™, Python and C/C++

Six independent controllable actuators having built-in position feedback sensors

Built-in kinematics solver. Users need to enter the desired coordinates only

Real-time measurement of the Platform via the aux. Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensor

Precision-crafted plates with standard or custom mounting holes

Open source software option to create your own algorithm or teach/learn parallel kinematics

Virtual pivot point setting, oscillation and playback modes available in software.


What is Stewart Platform?
The Stewart Platform is a 6-Degrees of Freedom precision parallel robotic positioner system. It is capable of moving in X, Y, Z and Roll, Pitch, Yaw coordinates.
What is a Stewart Platform used for?
A Stewart Platform is used for positioning its upper or lower plate using its electromechanical actuators. Typical applications are alignment, leveling or placement of materials or executing a repeatable / random motion such as vibration or oscillation pattern to an object mounted on either of its plates.
How many degrees of freedom does a Stewart Platform have?
6-DOF. These are X,Y,Z, rotation around X, Y, Z ie. roll, pitch, yaw.
Does the product comes with a controller and software/courseware?
Product comes with the controller and software. Courseware is optional with choice of the programming language.
Can I use a custom motion pattern? How?
A custom motion pattern can be implemented via a scenario script or through importing a CSV file with timestamd and coordinates data. Necessary information is provided in the User's Manual.
Is there any after-sales support or training for the product?
A complimentary online support session is available after the delivery of the products. Standard support is provided via the phone, e-mail or remote desktop connection.


Definition of a Robot
Parallel Manipulators and Stewart Platform
Uses of Stewart Platforms
Linear Actuator with Feedback
Six-Axis Gyro+Accelerometer
Motor Driver
ACROME Power Distribution Box
Joint Description
Inverse Kinematics
Mobility of Stewart Platform
General Considerations in Path description and Generation
Cartesian Space Schemes
Joint Space Schemes
Cubic Polynomials
Cubic Polynomials for a Path with via Points
Higher Order Polynomials
Linear Function with Parabolic Blends
Linear Function with Parabolic Blends for a Path with via Points

*We offer customization in our product upon customer’s request.

Exploring ACROME’s Stewart Platform: Capabilities, Deliverables and Usage


A Getting Started article for ACROME's Stewart Platform. Includes brief information about the product's development history, its physical aspects and capabilities, deliverables, getting started items and use-case details.

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Exploring ACROME’s Stewart Platform: Capabilities, Deliverables and Usage

A Getting Started article for ACROME's Stewart Platform. Includes brief information about the product's development history, its physical aspects and capabilities, deliverables, getting started items and use-case details.

Custom Motion Playback with a Hexapod Positioner

Executing a custom motion pattern, whether a single motion axis or with multiple axes is a special topic of mechatronics and robotics as well. In this blog, we explain how ACROME's Hexapod Positioner (aka Stewart Platform) can be used to generate custom motions in 6 DoF space.

Usage of Stewart Platforms as Shake Tables

Explore the differences and applications of shake tables and Stewart platforms, as well as their unique advantages in motion control and simulation for various industries. Learn how Stewart platforms can be used as an alternative to shake tables in certain applications.

Beginners Guide to Actuators

Discover the world of actuators with our comprehensive guide, actuators are categorized based on motion range and energy source, their applications in various industries, and advantages and disadvantages. Boost your understanding of actuators world!

From Gaming to Engineering: Joystick Control of Stewart Platform

Using a flight joystick to control a Stewart platform provides intuitive and precise movements, resulting in a more immersive experience. Customizing the joystick's settings is key to achieving desired control levels.


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