Delta Robot

3-DoF Vision Guided Robotic Platform for Teaching and Research
ACROME Delta Robot is best-in-class robotic platform to understand parallel kinematic robotic fundamentals without the barriers.
ACROME Delta Robot, with its accessible and student-familiar components, can empower your robotics and automation laboratory. Completely open-source software makes it possible for students and researchers to modify, create and test their own algorithms for complex applications. With the extensive courseware students can easily understand the complex inverse kinematics algorithms and cover both motion control architectures and vision guided robotic jobs for industrial parallel kinematic applications. The courseware helps students learn robotic control and vision guidance from scratch and opens a door to the world of artificial intelligence, process optimization and Industry 4.0. ACROME Delta Robot can move parts by its magnetic end-effector so it is well suited for Pick-and-Place operations, which are performed millions of times per day by modern robots.
LabVIEW, Real-Time (optional), FPGA (optional)
Altair Activate
Executable & GUI
LabVIEW, Real-Time, FPGA (optional)
API for External Control (Examples for LV, Matlab, Python)
* Different controllers may require
Local PC (Windows)
Local PC (Windows / Mac OS)
Remote Lab

Assembled and ready to control plant with integrated camera and controller

Getting Started Program with rich Graphical User Interface for out of the box user experience

Implementation of advanced digital control,robotic and machine vision techniques

Fully compatible with MATLAB®/Simulink® and LabVIEW™

Magnetic and stylus end-effector options for Pick and Place and touch applications

Optional tablet add-on for digital factory applications

Enables students to create their own real-time vision guided robotic algorithmsa

Actuating the table by RC servo motors, which are familiar to students

Open architecture with extensive courseware, suitable for undergraduate courses related to control and robotic curriculum

Smart Servo Motors
PCB Board
Digital Camera
Acrome Power Distribution Box
Mechanics of the System
Forward Kinematics Model of Delta Robot
In Lab Exercise: Obtaining the inverse kinematics equations for Delta Robot
Inverse Kinematics Model of Delta Robot
In Lab Exercise: Obtaining the forward kinematics equations for Delta Robot
General Considerations in Path Description and Generation
Cartesian Space Schemes
Joint Space Schemes
Cubic Polynomials
Higher Order Polynomials
Linear Function with Parabolic Blends
Implementation of Trajectory via In-Lab Exercises
Image Calibration
Vision Toolbox
Pattern Matching
Image Processing Functions: Look-up Table, FFT Filter, Threshold etc.

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