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Importance of Reporting and Assessment in the Laboratory Curricula
In this article, we talk about and highlight the importance of reporting and assessment in laboratories. We discuss why reporting is important and how it contributes to science and related education in addition to the link between remote labs and reporting.
Importance of Repeatable Experiments in Science
In this article, we discuss the importance and place of repeatable experiments in science in addition to their numerous contributions to every part of our lives.
Remote Education Tools and Technologies in Engineering: Remotely Accessible Engineering Labs
In this post, we are exploring the importance of an innovation in education. Remote labs have long existed, but they have just captured the public's attention due to the impact the pandemic has on education. You can find out more about remote labs, their advantages, and various tools inside them in this article.
ACROME Acrobot 6-DoF Robot Arm with Altair's Activate MBD Software
See Acrome's 6-DOF ACROBOT in action using multiple programming languages and Altair's Activate as the digital twin platform.
Using ACROME Educational Robotic Systems with Python® Programming Language
In this whitepaper, we are exploring Python® language support of ACROME’s educational robotic systems.
The Use of the Stewart Platform (aka Hexapod) in Real Life and Industry
In this blog episode we'll be sharing information about Stewart Platforms (aka Hexapods) and their usages in real life and various industries.
6 Different Control Engineering Lab Experiments That Can Be Related With A 2-DOF Ball Balancer
Here is a good list that encapsulates what could be done with a decent quality ball balancer system: 6 different control lab experiments.
Robotic News of 2018 (Part 1)
2018 was such a productive year for robotic developments. Different kind of industries like medical, bio, domestic and toy segments have all made brilliant advancements with the help of artificial intelligence.
Overview of Control Systems in the Universe
Control Systems in Nature and Human; Control Systems in Social Life and Information and Control Theory.
Robotics (Not Effective) 101
Problems in robotics courses: "Lack of hands-on experince", "limited amount of time for education" and "What to do for a better introduction?"
Robotics in Education
It is well known that the kids question a lot how the things are shaped and interact with each other. I strongly believe the saying of Albert Einstein: The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.
Road to the Engineering
Getting engineering courses can be seen like learning how to drive; you can study the highway code (or learn the theory) for years, but nothing can prepare you for the real thing, which is getting behind the wheel and hitting the open road.
Driving a step motor using LabVIEW FPGA Module
Stepper motors are the motors that operate with very precise signals. They change the angular position step by step with the pulse signals applied to the motor input. The stepper motors, which convert digital inputs into analog rotational motion, are also known as "digital machines".

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