ACROME Acrobot 6-DoF Robot Arm with Altair's Activate MBD Software


In November 2019, in partnership with Altair, we have released our first digital-twin of our novel Ball Balancing Table (BBT) system.

The digital twin of the BBT can provide more intuition about the performance of the mechanical system, thanks to the different fidelity simulation capabilities of the Altair’s CAE tools.

And now; we are proud to announce our next achievement with Altair partnership. Recently we have created the digital twin of our ACROBOT 6-DoF robotic arm.

In this video, you will see the high-fidelity digital twin simulation of the ACROBOT. With Altair’s Activate and its 3rd party software integration capabilities users can easily do a real-time HIL system to control the ACROBOT and for example make it move in synchrony with a music file. Let’s tune and watch the beats!



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