6-DoF Robotic Arm for research and teaching
ACROME Acrobot is a robot-arm system with custom joint options to be used as a test bed for collaborative robotics, intelligent control systems, and Industry 4.0.
ACROBOT 6-DOF Robot Arm, with its high technology joint actuators, is a hands-on experiment, closing the gap between real industrial systems and DIY- approach. Users can understand the complex inverse kinematics algorithms and quickly prototype new motion control architecture for industrial parallel kinematics robots. ACROBOT enables the students and researchers to design complex applications and gives them access to the world of industry 4.0. Completely open source software makes it possible that researchers can modify and test their developed algorithms.
LabVIEW, Real-Time (optional), FPGA (optional)
Altair Activate
Executable & GUI
LabVIEW, Real-Time, FPGA (optional)
API for External Control (Examples for LV, Matlab, Python)
* Different controllers may require
Local PC (Windows)
Local PC (Windows / Mac OS)
Remote Lab

Assembled 6 DOF serial kinematic arm robot

Aluminum Cast Joint Structure

Every joint has a high resolution absolute encoder after gear reduction. +/- 0.1 mm repeatability

Actuating the robot by high precision smart servo actuators (3.5 – 4.5 arcmin backlash)

2 kg payload at maximum reach. 960 mm workspace

Position, velocity, and torque (Electrical current sensing) can be controlled

Fully compatible with MATLAB®/Simulink® and LabVIEW™

Denevit-Hartenberg convention model for serial kinematic arm robot in MATLAB®/Simulink® and LabVIEW™

Enables users to create their own real-time algorithms

Open source software architecture with extensive courseware, suitable for undergraduate and graduate courses of robotics and control systems

Smart Servo Motors Controller
ACROME Power Unit
RS485 to Serial Converter Module
Mechanics of the System
DenavitHartenberg Convention
Forward Kinematics
Inverse Kinematics
General Considerations in Path Description and Generation
Cartesian Space Schemes
Joint Space Schemes
Cubic Polynomials
Higher Order Polynomials
Linear Function with Parabolic Blends
Feedback and Closed-Loop Control
Control of Second Order Linear Systems
Trajectory Following Control
Modeling and Control of a single Joint
Computer Interface of Robotic Software
Program Tab
Creating Motion Sets
Command Tasks
Structure Options
Graphics Tab
Move Tab
XYZ Coordinate Move
End Effector Move
Joint Angle Move

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