Necessary Equipment For Mechatronics Laboratories



The major goal of mechatronics laboratories is to show how to develop mechatronic systems using a systems approach, which entails integrating multiple domains such as mechanical, electrical, and electronic control domains.

What is mechatronics?

Mechatronics, also known as mechatronic engineering, is a multidisciplinary engineering field that focuses on the design of both electrical and mechanical systems, as well as robotics,electronics, computer systems, control, and product engineering.

What is a mechatronics design lab?

A Mechatronics Design Lab is a fabrication shop and classroom with equipment for creating microprocessor-controlled electromechanical systems.

What are the components of a mechatronics system?

There are four essential components that make up a mechatronic system:

1. Sensors,

2. Actuators,

3. Mechanical components,

4. Electronics & controls/controllers of the system.

Sensors transform mechanical realms into electrical signals, which are then analyzed for the information content. Sensors provide a signal, which is often an analog signal in the form of a voltage level or a waveform.

The actuators are the opposite of the sensors. They are used to convert a digital motion command into a physicalaction. Electrical motors and hydraulic actuators are the main examples of the actuators.

At the heart of a mechatronics system is a mechanical device which is desired to be controlled for a “purpose”. The controller requires information on the system's status. Sensors are used to get this data. Actuators are also controlled by the controller, which changes the status of the mechanical system.

A controller (also known as microcontroller)is made up of a CPU (central processing unit), memory (RAM), inputs and outputs(I/O) -to capture the sensor signals and drive the actuator outputs-, and most importantly the microprocessor program.

The sensor values, along with other inputs, is converted into a digital representation to be used by the CPU.The controller interprets user commands and detects signals in order to generate command signals that are sent to the system's actuators. Various technologies, such as graphical user interfaces, touch displays, and pads, are used to obtain user commands.

Each time the CPU obtains new readings, process repeats again, completing the feedback control loop and generates the command signals.

The command signals to the actuators may be translated from digital to analog in some instances. Electrical impulses are converted into mechanical motion or action by the actuators.

Most Common Mechatronics Lab Equipments

Most Common Mechatronics Lab Equipments are motor wiring systems, power distribution trainers, motor control training systems, basic rotating machines,mechatronics systems, process control systems, thermal process control systems,analytical process control systems, AC/DC electrical systems, power & control electronics, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, pumps systems, mechanical drives,sensors packages, programmable controller systems.

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