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Linear Inverted Pendulum

Linear Inverted Pendulum

2 DOF Control Platform for Advanced Control Teaching and Research

ACROME Linear Inverted Pendulum is designed for learning and testing advanced feedback-control algorithms using an unstable non-linear system.


ACROME Linear Inverted Pendulum Trainer with Direct Drive Actuator is a classic pendulum control challenge built with special industrial automation components with the twofold educational target. The system can be used to teach students how to balance a vertical rod at the tip of a moving arm and be used as a tool to teach industrial components such as linear motors, servo motor drivers, magnetic encoders and sliding rails. The inverted pendulum system is a popular demonstration of using feedback control to stabilize an open-loop unstable system and is widely used as a benchmark for testing control algorithms.

Linear Inverted Pendulum  overview


  • Durable linear DC servo motor
  • Ready to control plant with Industrial servo motor driver
  • Implementation of basic and advanced digital control techniques
  • Tray position feedback using a high precision contactless magnetic encoder
  • Controller with USB Plug-and-play
  • Fully documented system models and parameters provided for MATLAB®/Simulink®, LabVIEW™
  • Getting Started Program with rich Graphical User Interface for out-of-the-box user experience
  • Open architecture, suitable for undergraduate and graduate courses as well as research projects related to advanced control systems.


  • Components of Linear Inverted Pendulum
  • Fundamentals of Linear Servo Motors, Motor Drives, and Control Blocks
  • Feedback in Control Systems
  • System Modeling
  • Performance Measures
  • Linear-Quadratic Regulator (LQR) Design
  • Nonlinear Swing-up Control
Linear Inverted Pendulum  spesifications
Linear Motor Base Dimensions: 350 mm x 410 mm
Linear Pitch Length*: 1,400 mm.
Linear Workspace*: 1,012 mm.
Magnetic Pitch Length: 120 mm.
Linear Position Sensor Type: Linear track magnetic encoder
Position Resolution: 33,900 lines / 1,012 mm.
Motor Type:Direct Drive Linear Motor
Motor Torque*:@230 Vrms : 104 N·m (limited to 30 N·m)
Position Resolution: 33,900 lines / 1,012 mm.
Control Frequency:200 Hz.
Pendulum Arm Length: 680 mm.
Pendulum Position Sensor: Optical Rotary Encoder
Sensor Resolution: 4,000 counts/revolution

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