Acrome Robotics | Intel Case Study on Ball Balancing Table

Date Published:
April 18, 2018

Journal Proceedings

IEEE INFOCOM 2018 - IEEE Conference on Computer Communications Workshops (INFOCOM WKSHPS)


Sung Kim, Mohammad Mamunur Rashid, Saurabh Deo, Javier Perez-Ramirez, Mikhail Galeev, Ganesh Venkatesan, Sabyasachi Dey, William Li, Dave Cavalcanti, Intel Corporation, Hillsboro OR


Intel Corporation

Intel presents a demonstration of two end-to-end applications with Acrome's Ball Balancing Table that illustrate the impact of latency on the real-time operation.

The Ball Balancing Table is controlled by PC and connected to the PC over a 5G network device. The sensor data is upstreamed and the calculated motor position data is downstreamd by the PC. Effect on the network latency changes the performance of the control.

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