In this article we provide information about the components and design decisions of building mobile robots. We also provide an insight into the different types of powertrain, actuators, sensors and motor drivers and discuss their effects on the robot's performance.

The Delta robot is a tool that will be useful for students and strengthen your robotics and automation labs. It is also the most productive tool for understanding parallel kinematic robotic fundamentals without barriers. As much as it looks aesthetic with delta robot design, it has already started to be used in many sectors since the technology started to develop.

The ball balancing table (BBT in short) plays a very important role in mechatronics and robotics. Also, control theory is a very important concept in many parts of technology. Many models and developments have begun to emerge based on this theory. Just as each model is based on a theory, the ball balancing table is based on control theory. Balancing the ball placed on a table in the desired position is one of the most important examples of control theory.

The ball and beam system is a popular example in control theory. This robot is a very useful tool both for students to understand systems and for studies in engineering fields. The ball-and-beam system consists of a ball that rotates back and forth on a long beam that can be tilted by a servo or electric motor. Let's look a little further, at the ball-and-beam system.