Explore the implementation of a PID controller on the STM32 platform to achieve optimal performance in controlling the position of a ball on a balancing table.

ACROME’s educational Delta Robot is now open-source thanks to native Python support!

Stewart Pro Platform has 2 new hardware features. These features help the platform to be more durable and more precise!

In April 2021, our partner Altair Inc. hosted a unique student contest on digital-twin concept, where they selected our Ball Balancing Table as the main subject.

At ACROME, we are working towards achieving the goal of more “accessible controls, mechatronics, and robotics education." We are also witnessing the digital transformation of the traditional education systems under the umbrella of distance education.

See Acrome's 6-DOF ACROBOT in action using multiple programming languages and Altair's Activate as the digital twin platform.