This blog post describes the basics of the 5-bar parallel robots -aka- five bar linkage and how to build one using ACROME's Smart Motor Drivers and DC brushed motors. Sample Python codes are provided.

This blog post is an introduction on building Autonomous Mobile Robots. Acrome's Autonomus Mobile Robot is given as an example system with its bill of materials (BOM) list, example code and further development topics of SLAM, AI and ROS.

An introductory article about robotic manipulators. The article focuses on robotic manipulators, especially the serial robotic arms, and provides information on how to build such a robotic arm with a high-level list of requirements.

The article discusses the applications of Brushed DC motors, particularly when paired with ACROME's Smart Motor Drivers (SMDs). SMDs are designed to control these motors with high precision and efficiency. They come with built-in safety features and a PID controller for more precise control. They also support daisy-chaining, which allows multiple SMDs to be connected together, reducing wire clutter and making projects more manageable.

Brushed DC Motor Drivers are essential in the field of robotics and automation. They convert low-voltage control signals into a high power signal suitable for driving a motor. This process allows for controlling the speed and direction of motors. They are commonly used in robotics, automation systems, and electric vehicles. Acrome's Smart Motor Drivers (SMD) - Brushed DC Motor Version is a standout product with features like Python API, Arduino Library, RS-485 protocol for efficient control of multiple motors, and an Auto-Tuner for optimal performance.

Executing a custom motion pattern, whether a single motion axis or with multiple axes is a special topic of mechatronics and robotics as well. In this blog, we explain how ACROME's Hexapod Positioner (aka Stewart Platform) can be used to generate custom motions in 6 DoF space.

Using a flight joystick to control a Stewart platform provides intuitive and precise movements, resulting in a more immersive experience. Customizing the joystick's settings is key to achieving desired control levels.

One of the key real-life applications of using oscillation movement in a Stewart platform is in the field of flight or sea state simulation.

Flying is a movement that human beings cannot do under natural conditions, but they can do with the tools they have invented. Vehicles such as helicopters, and airplanes, are produced for such situations. Although it may seem easy to move at first glance, there are too many factors to be controlled by the pilot to operate/fly these vehicles.

First of all, what is a hexapod? Hexapod is a Latin word that means “six feet”. That means a hexapod robot will consist of 6 actuators that can either be formed like a parallel arm Stewart Platform or legs like the Spider robots.

This article explains how to use PID controllers to solve a real-world balance problem. We need to calculate PID gains to do so. Let’s examine real-life balance problems with ACROME's Ball Balancing Table and Ball and Beam.

Robotics labs are educational environments that support the growth of experienced professionals who will operate in this industry as well as environments where robotics research can advance to improve our quality of life.

There are a lot of methods for controlling the system manually and automatically. The most well-known automatic control methods are logic control, on-off control, and PID control. In this article, we will talk generally about automatic control systems, but especially the PID control systems.

The Delta Robot is an example of a parallel robot. It has three arms that are joined at the base by universal joints. The usage of parallelograms in the arms, which preserves the end effector's alignment, is the fundamental design element.

Mechatronics, also known as mechatronic engineering, is a multidisciplinary engineering field that focuses on the design of both electrical and mechanical systems, as well as robotics, electronics, computer systems, control, and product engineering. A Mechatronics Design Lab is a fabrication shop and classroom with equipment for creating microprocessor-controlled electromechanical systems.

At the age of technology, the usage of robotics knowledge in higher education is only to be expected. There are even initiatives launched by certain national education authorities on the issue and they aim to incorporate robotics-based projects into new curricula. These initiatives, however, are far from successful since the robotics knowledge remains peripheral to the chief study plans and continues to be apart of the extra curricular or summer activities.

The linear inverted pendulum (or linear pendulum, lin. pen for short) is a classical physics experiment used to explain the control theory and system dynamics. Therefore, it has been used as one of the primary systems used to test and compare control strategies. In an inverted pendulum system, which is an open-loop unstable system, it is desired to stabilize the system by reciprocating motion to stabilize it. It is also used as a common method for testing control algorithms.

The device, called the Stewart Platform, was first designed in 1954 by V. Eric Gough from England. It is classified as a parallel manipulator device that is used for positioning and motion control.

In this whitepaper, we are exploring Python® language support of ACROME’s educational robotic systems.

Here is a good list that encapsulates what could be done with a decent quality ball balancer system: 6 different control lab experiments.

2018 was such a productive year for robotic developments. Different kind of industries like medical, bio, domestic and toy segments have all made brilliant advances with the help of artificial intelligence.

Stepper motors are the motors that operate with very precise signals. They change the angular position step by step with the pulse signals applied to the motor input. The stepper motors, which convert digital inputs into analog rotational motion, are also known as "digital machines".